seventh starlight casting gem seven

letz project & recollect

all that ' s happening here

& take a pause ' round circumspect

2 maintain ' gressive ' cheer


as wii worship momentZ daze

forcing uZZZ aware

clearing prop _ A _ gander craze

easing through the glare


it looks bet _ ter bet _ terr best

welling up 2 feel

give U reason complete the rest

go watch timing reel


yes eye' m dandy thank you fine

chortling mye joy

call mii upper shanks remind

' tending that yore coy


got the acceleration ; ; got the WHYZ

hand the signs ; ; for get the procrastination

mark the condemnation ; ; mark the jive

truth decides ; ; toot the nova _ caition


pan the declaration ; ; pan the chives

toast the sides ; ; toast the libations

post marked demonstrations ; ; post ed rides

mis placed guides ; ; dissed recriminations




U think we ' re at that certain point

of UG knowing all

WHERE conscious magic ' section jointZ

remember I N G itZ thrall


yes yore rightened all aboutZ

needen ' t disrupt weather

change the concept fizzle stout

' placent ' tension tether


now together now all part

did ii say U sump ' ting ? ? ?

listent up & make mii start

far – there ' s gone a cunting


ohh that doeZ it once again

or is it twice fore ' sway

be verse or meter sweet or plain

be leveled fieldZ weeeee play



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