May 27, 2012

Chicken Sunday lyrics by james joyz, music by rico story
Crying in the Rain by howard greenfield and carole king
Serendipity by rico story


chicken sunday
   eye bet the laundromats are closed on chicken sunday
   ii bet the whores are singing ,, and the river bed is clear
   the big red doors ARE SHUT on chicken sunday
   and every body ' s ,,  everybody ' s hear
   eye bet the dead stay dead on chicken
   ii bet the bells are ringing ,, and the ' possums show no fear
   the long green corn is cut on chicken sunday
   and angela ,, oh angela is near
   on chicken sunday ,, on chicken sunday
   that ' s that day ,, that ' s the only way
   ii ' ll get paid ,, eye ' ll get laid
   yule get made ,, you might even get saved
   eye bet your lies turn blue on chicken sunday
   ii bet the birds are winging ,, and a smile masks my leer
   the young witch leaves her hut on chicken sunday
   and acid heads ,, ALL acid heads are seers -- jaymes joyz
   If you’re a Cold And Windy Yesterday
   Look – King fore’ your dreams in The Sandz Of Two – Morrow
   Eye can’t Un – dare – stand about The Luck U’ve Bin Having
   It maye Be Serendipity , simply passed you On Bye’
   Eye Al – Wayz Re – Member who Callz me
   Their All – Ways full of Passion , full of mys – terr – Ri and Light
   I don’t real – E Cair about That Luck U’ve Bin Having
   Now Eye’m Telling U , Serendipity , all ways visits Every Night
   Sum Day is dye - ing too meet you
   U understand the concept , Now enter in The Fray
   I don’t really no about the luck you’ve been having
   But I’m Tel – Ang U , Serendipty Al – Wayz visits Every Day
   Serendipity , they’rez Know Reason any ware
   At least that’s my understanding
   Serendipity , Y keep As - King if itz theirs
   You never no , Serendipity Just Might visit U Sum Thyme
   Don’t think what a’ bout too – morrow
   Or looking at the signal , and thinking a’ bout you’re plight
   If Your Wondering about That Kind Of luck U’ve Bin Having
   It may Well Be , Serendipity , Just Might call on U Two – Night
   Itz a little matter of Forever
   Due U think it nicked you , Be – fore’ it Got Away
   In case you didn’t no about the luck you’ve been having
   Your Appointment with , Serendipity’s a Little Later On Two Day
   Serendipity , U can catch it if you Tri
   Because it’s Serendipity
   Serendipity , see those Patterns As They Lie
   And you never know , Serendipity just might Take U On thru
   U Might want to meet Serendipity
   And take it Passed Believing , take it too The Soul
   See you can Never hide That Kind Of Luck U’ve Bin Having
   Its either , Serendipity or The Come A’ Long Bye’
   May Be you meet Serendipity
   Make It Last Forever , and never go astray
   U can Own – Lee Use the kind of luck you’ve been having
   And a Little Bit , of Serendipity simply Eeeze - es The Way
   Don’t feed that cold and wind – ee yesterday
   Begging at the door of Your Dreams tu Tomorrow
   Sea , U have Own – Lee made That Kind Of Luck U’ve Bin Having
   Now Go and make , Serendipity Come Along Your Way
   Don’t feed that Cold And Windy Yesterday
   Prowling at The Door of You’re Dreams To Forever
   See you have only made The Kind Of Luck You’ve Been Having
   Beckon , Serendipity to Come Along You’re Way -- rico story