March 30, 2012


never see id again

gulls come wheeling at my window
screaming the hash is free
it isn ' t free yet my darling
but pretty soon , well wii ' ll see
and ii ' ve seen that look once before
when ii walked beyond the open door
and they laughed like that , in the rain
and ii was sure ii ' d never see id again

the house is kept bye little gret _ elves
security sleeps next door
ii would have bin more surprised
if ii ' d never scene id before

canals of diamonds , canals of ice
mind so blown that id wood be nice
to freeze a little of this time
and keep it safe and warm and mine

the club is guarded by a thousand dreams
where acid witches reign
and all of their crystal schemes
dissolve before the sun explains

the bed ; s surrounded by The Houris
dancing in a blue tinged line
singing songs to rico story
offering the bhang , offering the wine

the love is spent like so much water
you can ' t save time of laughter
or live happily ever after
remembering the chatter -- jaymes joyz