Starlight Troubadours is Gabriel Silversound and Abell Whole Thoreau, who have been jamming on and off together for over 30 years. As a duo, or in a larger group setting, they joyfully interpret the inspired work of songwriter and poet Rico Story, as well as favorites from all musical periods and styles.  Checkout our Poetry page for more of rico's works.

 ****New Post: An Examination of the Discrimination Encountered Towards Jason Brown; As he attempted to enroll and attend a Railway Engineering Learning Program. ****

*** New Feature - Flute Etudes ***

Check out the mind-blowing Flaut, an extraordinary innovation of the alto flute family.  The Teaser of a Teaser is currently up on the Flute Etudes page.


*** New Music ***  

From the October 2016 "Crossing the Big Pond" jam.  The sea parted and this jam happened.  We're happy to pass these goodies over to you.  Three of the four jams are up on the music page now!  



Update from isaiah parable:

... -- things are happening all around ... -- hear ' s  / the update from the star _ troubz site ;; azzz U well know ;; wii had a great jam / recording session this last tuesdaye _ wednesdaye ,, and there ' s vid & aud tracks to post produce ;; and then post hock _ en _ zee hoist ,, on the net fore ' all to en - joy ...

... -- at first take the vid tracks will aire on U - tube ,, the aud tracks on this site proper ... -- wheel get a linc _ oln  to make access easier ;; and there ' z knew photo _ phi _ cation in the photon tab _ U _ lay _ tion to gander at as well ... -- special tanks to eddie fore taking the pho _ tous _ that you _ noahs ;; and wee ' ll get product up and out as sooooooooooon that possible parab _ u - latz hour waye ... ole !

On our Music page we are pleased to present

- A new set from May 2012: the "Duo Mando Guitar Bass" sessions.  The first two cuts feature the mandolin in the doubled down bass role, along with guitar and vocals.  We tried something different, and it came out that way! The second two cuts feature bass, guitar and vocals.  Lots of jams from tune to tune.  Dig it!

 - Four hours of originals and covers from the March 2012 "Duo Power Cuts" session at SilverSound Studios!

- and five CD's for your listening pleasure. 

The three latest CD's consist of a cycle of 24 tunes - all arranged, performed, engineered, and mixed by Gabriel at the new SilverSound Studios in Haverford, Pennsylvania.  Gabe sang all the vocal leads and harmonies, and played rhythm guitar, keyboards, and EWI (electronic wind instrument) for leads, bass, textures, and percussion parts. 

On the two earlier CD's, Gabe, performing as Chesterfield Bellweather, plays trombone and baritone horn for leads and backing sectional parts.  He is joined throughout by Abe on bass, electric and acoustic guitars, guitar synth, and mandolin. On selected tunes, old friend J. Leon Hernest is added on conga, djembe, African cowbell, and tambourine.

You can also checkout Gabe's mid-80's band, johnnii casual, on the StarlightTroubadours youTube channel channel. Thanks for listening!