The Flaut is a modified alto flute of bespoke design, featuring many innovations for improved tone production, enhanced fingering, and general ergonomics. The design is also based on an understanding of sound as part of the energy wave oscillations and cancellation patterns that exist at all scales in the universe.  

Programme One - Prelude and Fugue, as well as Programme Two - Overture Waltz, is now up for your reading pleasure and expanding consciousness. Please click on the first button below.


Also at this time we offer an updated presentation of the Flaut and its underlying concepts, in high-resolution format (133 mb) and low-resolution (7.4 mb).  

  • If you are a lithographer or book printer, please feel free to download the hi-res file and offer hard copies (at your printing costs) to the public.  We ask that you print the file intact, without modification except as needed for best output of the beautiful photos in the document.

We look forward to updating this presentation as it evolves, and adding additional papers on related topics.  Enjoy!