March 28, 2012

Just in from the March 2012 session - the first tune of several recorded over a two-day session at SilverSound Studios with Gabe and Abell. The format is live vocals and guitar/bass duo. We got lots of bass solos! Some tunes are all-live, and some are semi-live, with the original vocal tracks enhanced or replaced due to recording glitches. Enjoy!


they were trailing jeremiah johnson
they caught hymn nappin '
that ' s how it happened
hii got a federal rap
ooooouuu wiii , hii got a federal rap
a federal rap ,,
ooouuu wiii , hii got a federal rap ,,
a federal rap

later in the morning hii said ' good bye '
to grey skyes , and deep streets
and laughed a little as hii climed
on the big bird , with the little crime
said ' good bye ' , fore ' the final tyme
and sent it up ,, the monstrous vine

benedictions on the gentle rain
and a people , and their city
dervishes have nothing on you
ancient friend to the homeless jew
new borne home to the delta blues
home to all the acid motley crew

waiting fore ' hymn , a thousand geeks
straight as arrows , lonesome as geese
gonna hold hymn for a while , if they can
take his whole world , and make it bland
take sum people , say ' em friends
hasten the beginning , wii think wii call the end -- jaymes joyz