May 27, 2012

For "My Favorite Things," original music and lyrics by rodgers and hammerstein, adapted by Starlight Troubadours. Music and lyrics to "Button Down Town" by rico story.  "Waltzing Matilda" is a traditional Australian song, adapted by Stralight Troubadours.


Button Down Town
   Did eye hear U mention Sum Thing a - bout Button Down Town ?
   It must have gotten lost in The Wind
   Was that a Lonely Bugle somewhere Far Off Playing
   That Fun - E Olde Song again
   Call it westwood junior , on a Burning Plane
   Candy apple mustangs in a row
   Im - mort - all like delusions way - sting non re - turning knights
   Mor - gauging Sum Dream they’ll Never Own
   Everybody seams so happy here in Button Down Town
   Nearly every day of the year
   Still it makes sum people nervous when the heat Gets Going
   Violent Freedom serenading Endless Fear
   We took our Weekend Rain Check – Out , And cashed it in Fore’ Goodz
   Bending Time in Terra Cotta Land
   Then we heard that Lonely Bugle Far Off Playing
   Parting Strains across the desert sandz
   It’s just like southwest stoneware , with a california glaze
   When This Entity comes Dancing Inside
   Trading knowledge , need , and pleasure fore’ your Tiny Bitz of Starlight
   Momentz shared as payment for the ride
   There really kind of quite here in Button Down Town
   When the Fire Flies have buzzed themselves to bed
   At that fun - e time of night , the Other Kind is Taking Over
   And cackles Ghoulish Banter from The Grid
   Hey wherz My Margarita , and that Magic Tile Fountain
   Dancing bright and heavy under Yellow Sun
   Not far A - Way another seen is All Wayz in the making
   Brought to U by poverty , hopelessness , and guns
   Itz So Nice two pass the time away in Button Down Town
   Mirage against that Hungry Waiting Sky
   And Wind U Here that Lonely Bugle Far Off Playing
   Might Be Your Appointment with The Come Along Bye -- rico story