1. like two tell

March 30, 2012


like two tell

ii ' d like two tell U true _ lee
eye ' ve bin two lubbock texas
and All Mye Dreamz R Free
' ware men with guns don ' t chase mii
and II ' d dye fore ' liber _ TEE
ii ' dd real _ ee lyke two tell U
hold you close ,, and kiss yore II ' z
ii ' d really like two tell you
but All U bee _ leave R lies

2 strugg _ el NOW at last too reach
the darkest core _ nyers of the miind
dark _ ness bEE _ yond the Dee _ pest Sleep
ware ee _ ven Dreamz can bee un _ kynde

a song , a dyme , a pour ex _ cuse
a Moment Turned inn _ 2
A rage _ inn torr _ ent of self A _ buse
go out and hunt The Jew

philosophy can butte obs _ cure
the grin _ Ing skull , the twisted lure
the Guilded Promise of rowe _ mance
cannes lift U up , and mayke you dance

a Sea _ Son lost , in win _ terr ' s whiles
a million dollars two see Her Smile
U get a laugh from the antique style
amphetamine fore ' the final mile -- jaymes joyz