May 27, 2012

The May 20th session.  This is the first of two cuts where we used the mando in lieu of bass.  We experimented with the double-down approach: two octaves down from the electric mandolin's actual pitch.  We found a great tone, and the pick and mando fingering gave a different vibe to the bass line and bass solos.  Hope you like it!
Pennsylvania Springtime:music and lyrics by rico story
running from the t . v . : music by rico story, lyrics by james joyz


Pennsylvania Springtime
I guess eye promised U a Pennsylvania Springtime
Inn the City of Angles , ‘round the First Of Maye
Eye kept a’ calling you the best thing ever fore’ me
We turned o - ver , and Their It Lay
Eye no I promised U a Sterling Expectation
Bay – King in The desert , drowning in The Haze
Oui kept a’ looking four that Window In The Moment
Eye turned over and There It Lei
There Sure – Lee must have been sum kind of Hurricane A’ Waiting
Shrouded all in Sweetness , lurking on The Stray
It kept A’ Reigning with the sun beams Ever Glowing
U turned o – ver , and their it lay
Know Body ever tolled me ‘bout The Bobbing Hump – Dee - Dump –Tee
The Moghoulith Ghoul , and Snippitting Strays
There just devouring the starlight of The Foolish
They turned over and There It Lay
Serendipity discovered all The Fun that U we’re having
Dreaming your tomorrows from some Sterling Yesterday
When we overcome the Needing Us , too give a’ way Our Feelings
We turned over , and their it lay
I’d real - E like to catch U , Inn a pennsylvania springtime
Or may be one in autumn , it’s really hard two saye
We’ll see The Spirit Dancing , and laugh at Our Creations
Knowing if we feed Them , They’ll devour up Our Way
So if your ever Passing Bye’ sum Hungry Indecision
Bet – Terr know – tiz your direction , and the thyme of day
There’s way toooooo much con – fusion from the Endless Glow of starlight
Feeding All Awareness , and They’re It Lei
Eye’m Maye – King an alignment fore’ a Pennsylvania Springtime
Alwayz Luminescent , Never Fades a’ way
That Might not be you’re Intention , Tay – King Cair with all you’re
Making sure your Starlight passes over ware it lay
Eye know I’ll always promise U that Sterling Expectation
Made from Purest Sunshine , laughing in the Haze
Hang on Every Moment , every hope it Ever Dreamed fore’
Lets Rendezvous Tomorrow in a Pennsylvania Plays -- rico story
running from the t . v .
   rainbows weeping in the sun
   lots of laughs , but not much fun
   a thousand reasons to say good bye
   you hang around and watch her fly
   black geese on a black pond
   my friend the fat dog came along
   sitting on the concrete rim
   hoping that wii don ' t fall in
   ii ' mm running form the t . v .
   almost out the door
   ii ' mm runing from the t . v .
   who said eye was a boar
   ii ' mm running from the t . v .
   eye ' ve got nothing left to say
   ii ' mm running from the t . v .
   who said eye was afraid
   brave old lady gonna walk on ice
   the end gonna come ,, and it won ' t be nice
   hii really needs her ,, but hii really doesn ' t care
   eye gave away the lion ' s share
   angel with a guitar ALL _ A _ LONE
   eye never stop playing fore ' any telephone
   ii left home fore ' a couple of years
   when eye got back things were really weird
   rain bows weeping in the sun
   over half way now weave come
   U know as little as you knew bee _ fore
   ii started out on this pro _ mo tour -- jaymes joyz