eleventh starlight casting gem eleven

dwindle spell inn early morning

speckled crest of dawn

don ' t delay the fragmentZ warning

that destined – fated pawn


' look fore mye signal on the windZ '

' to guide you through the fraye '

' or never last will claim yore ' morrows '

' and oblivion U will straye '


and oblivion will claim yore morrows

to never last you ' ll straye


the quickness took mii saddled round

eye ventured forth in haste

to best the closing dreadmont deep

and prevent the laid a ' waste


the courses charging bridled high

and gleaming sword held near

with courage wielded shield & chance

to ruin nazgul fear


to ruin nazgul fear with chance

from courage wielded high


then beckoned wraithdom answered call

and challenge of the horn

dull ghastly crackled flaming head

machining viral worm



with ghoulish ' tention lifted up

two cyborg metaled glove

disrupting chainZ spat toxic darts

to poison spirit love


to poison spirit toxic darts

disrupting chainZ ill spat


flashing sword meets violent mace

ringing clanging break

unhorsed together and toppled sent

apart and sprawling take


now rise to posture final set

eye turned to focus inn

and strode towards horror gearing up

with sever starry sinn


with sever starry gearing up

and strode towards horror sinn


the last connection ' tween ball and blade

clove death despair inn two

then bring round hilt and seek its end

and run damm nation thru


as waste unraveled oozing hate

the call of hell consuming

the vegan wind began to show

eternal victory looming


eternal wind began to show

the vegan victory looming


yea ; ; eternal wind begin to show

the vegan victory looming


yea ; ; eternal wind began to show

the vegan victory looming

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