Serenditpy Mando Flamenco Version
rico story (music)

Turning around and grasping at the real – eye – zation that maybe this was another passage through to the astral plane …. Again … Seems like walking , or maye be gliding along over the top of sum sub strait , you know , all glittery and woven mosaic … O . K . , astral plane , animal angels sending beams of knowledge and guidance as i’m tubing through this tapestry field of forever – ed dreams which need attending two … Now suddenly sharp warnings from terrapin and eagle , looks like we’re heading for a show down with some very unpleasant entities that are willing to use chaos as their spirit energy , to contest the nature of this particular consciousness stream , and make an issue out of grabbing some field structure for demon / wraith amalgamated … Un pleasant to say the least , but we wield the truth of creation and now with animal angel soul and elven lighting sword , we gather serendipity as our banner , and head for a universal field glazed hill top for encounter with nazgul to end forever that dark and rotten wind of nevermore … Again …
“ The basic tracks with vocs and bari fills sound pretty good “ , advanced chesterfield , “ the rhythm is nice and diddley , it feels like a good corridor for guitar and bari solo slots “ . “ Let’s get another something a little bit special for the congas like we did on button down town “ , suggests abell , “ like the ring modulator effect , just to juice the groove slightly under the edge of overt audible perception “ . “ This is going to be a guitar instrumental in addition to the regular cut “ , confirmed chesterfield , “ and it feels like it’s developing a presence that’s taking us in a larger and more theatrical direction , there appears to be a potential for chispe thematic expression here “ . “ Yeah , i’m getting the same vibe , kinda like the theme song from some movie about a bigger than life situation , or a dramatical scene finish “ , declared abell , “ we need to paint this one with bright colors “ . “ Serendipity has that big focus delivery , and tapping into it should give us the inspiration to do justice for the embodiment of that special intent “ , anteed up chesterfield , “ let’s go spanish with a showdown flavor and get some mando action to create that timeless flamenco moment “ .
Swirling winds , eagle and terrapin on either side , cloak thrown back , sword glittering in scabbard , this one is like that time in the second age out on the high plain , to take care of ring wraith demon hoards that sought to overrun the sacred line , and destroy the goodness which righteousness and truth had made … See U can never hide that kind of luck U’ve bin having …. Allies surge with power , eyes bright , out jumps blade flashing , and there it lay , hideous machine viral consciousness , death and hatred , tyranny and slavery , only a few this time with ugly mace and twisted prongs of violence and deceit as they set upon us … Soft words whispered in my ear as i release sword stroke and the first flaming head rolls away into nothingness and waste , “ Be careful of the left flank , we have seen that this darkness will not stand to be treated with such decision and force “ . That ‘s the thing about all of this , sweet helpful , sensual female angels giving strength while horror itself is confronted and demised , and all the while , i’ve got to get back down to the cumberland mine and go through some corporeal dances over totally connected things that at this moment , somehow seem all very far away … Again ….
“ The mando part sounds like an overdrive lead flamenco guitar that has searing rhythm and melodic overtones which suggest a larger harmonic fabric “ , exulted chesterfield , “ incredible how you wove in those passing cords that make the wrist attacks resonate like single note polyphony , and create an outer band of powerful harmonic resolution “ . “ Yeah , the extra groove of the mando gives a real full contrast to contra up and out the overall feel “ , scribed abell , very spanish with the counter rhythms , and now the cord progression comes out as a quasi retro flamenco period piece “ . “ It’s really amazing how all of this just came together as we only tried to follow the path of sprit and inspiration to its logical and desired conclusion “ , mused chesterfield , neither one of us envisioned this as a final outcome , and what a buzz to be part of sum thing that must be connected to other events and states of consciousness in the universe at large ” … “ Let’s save the bari part for the regular cut , and great idea about the last extra guitar part , with the lighting fast single note licks over the top to accentuate the mando lead rhythm , and give that grandiose revelation spanish dream nuance “ .... Again ….