1. Serendipity

From the recordings Serendipity and rough 'n ready cuts - vol 1

rico story (music and lyrics)

….Then sum times when the moment is just write , and there’s this feeling that WoW , just an ink – ling that maybe , WoW … Then there it is , and now the moment’s getting very Big and very ‘Round , Ummmmmmm …. Weight - , Oh I mean wait ! , now it’s getting to be a moment that’s really feeling WoW … special , now it’s really getting quite large and round , all A – round , but shiny and quite heavy , with weight ,Wow …. It looks like , now it seems that O . K . , spiral strands , and glowing … Spiral strands of warm fibrous glowing feelings , and what ever needed to be done Is done …. Whatever needed to be Is being … Whatever the moment had space for Is there … Here It is , now maybe U meet Serendipity , make it Last Forever , and never go astray ….
“ As usual , we let the moment tell us what to do “ , affirmed chesterfield , “ and that stream of consciousness led the situation to develop a mando instrumental version for Serendipity …. Let’s go back to the basic tracks , kick the vocs back in , and I feel that maybe another pass at the bari fill part might be the way to go “ . “ Sounds good “ , agreed abell , “ I really like this rough and ready recording and mixing style , it’s almost identical to the live recording / playing genre , where you go with the best live take within a few passes , and mix with a vibrant improvisational wide open feel “ . “ Yeah , the fact that we intentionally go with live takes in a short amount of time , use with the best mix cuts within a small time frame , and use barely professional level recording equipment “ , volunteered chesterfield , “ gives the sound that raw edge , but still hits window acceptable quality , a nice live feel , and priceless creative nuances and fresh musical touches “ . “ I like the idea of having a bari part that kinda goes in between a straight sectional fill and full improvisation “ , orchestrated abell , “ just a single line that is partially worked out , but that also is dynamically sensitive to the thematic flow of the song , and that builds towards a peak as the song spirals into the closing chorus “ . “ Great insight “ , echoed chesterfield , “ and how about a lead guitar voicing that lends an envelop pushing tone and retro jazz flamenco lick style , that is fluid with pauses , fast in spots , and a little bit sustained and around the bend in others “ .
Stream of consciousness , liquid eternity , flowing in the form of neurotransmitters as they are metabolized into energetic fibrous patterns of cellular generated electromagnetic being , and TheN reflected on as sum – thing larger than life itself … U do the math , cell receptor sites that number how many per cell ? , all firing together at once with each one producing a distinct infinitely thin band of low voltage field pattern , that itself emanates continuously computable infinitely varied QualitativE , not quantitative or binary information , all of which collectively adds up to infinitely Unaccountably many parametrically evaluated existential values , that are nevertheless All coordinated instantly to form a totality of consciousness every single moment , ranging from the entire physical profile , to nonconscious supportive processing , from every hope and dream ever to be had , to that surreal topic of self, with feeling and thought which occurred in the just past yes – ter – daze instant , only a lit – tell while a – go , O – mye … And then , af – ter All of that there’s this other presence , this other reality , this other plane / plain of consciousness , that’s always there , that’s just a neural fold of ready to fire receptors away from be – coming true , from existence that’s as real and full as anything that you have ever seen or done or been …. Astral spirit , eternal being , forever light and magic , and truth , and faith , all ushered in by that feeling of GOD , that feeling of love , that thought of pure logic beyond thought itself , that special grace , and in case you didn’t KnoW about that LucK U’ve bin having ….. your appointment with , Serendipity , is a little lay – ter on two – daye ….


If you’re a cold and windy yesterday
Looking for your dreams in the Sands Of Tomorrow
I can’t understand about That Luck you’ve been having
It may be Serendipity , simply passed you on ‘bye

I always remember who calls me
They’re always filled with passion , full of mystery and light
I don’t really care about That Luck you’ve been having
Now I’m telling you Serendipity , always visits every night

Sum day is dying to meet you
You understand the concept , now enter in the fray
I don’t really know about That Luck you’ve been having
But I’m telling you Serendipity , always visits every day

Serendipity , there’s now reason anywhere
At least that’s my understanding
Serendipity , why keep asking if it’s there
You never know Serendipity , just might call on you sum time

Don’t think what about tomorrow
Or looking at the signal , and thinking about your plight
If you’re wondering about That kind Of Luck you’ve been having
It may well be Serendipity , Just might call on you tonight

It’s a little matter of forever
Do you think it nicked you , before it got away
In case you didn’t know about That luck you’ve been having
Your appointment with Serendipity ‘s , a little later on today

Serendipity , U can catch it if you try
Because it’s Serendipity
Serendipity , see those patterns as they lie
And you never know Serendipity , just might take you on through

U might want to meet Serendipity
And take it past believing , take it to the soul
See you can never hide That Kind of luck you’ve been having
It’s either Serendipity , or The Come Along ‘Bye

May be you meet Serendipity
Make it last forever , and never go astray
You can only use That Kind Of luck you’ve been having
And l little bit of Serendipity , simply eases the way

Don’ t feed that cold and windy yesterday
Begging at the door of your dreams to tomorrow
See you have only made That Kind Of Luck you’ve been having
Now go and make Serendipity , come along your way

Don’t feed that cold and windy yesterday
Prowling at the door of your dreams to forever
See you are only made from All That Luck you’ve been having
Now beckon Serendipity , come and be U today