1. Seniorita

From the recordings Seniorita and rough 'n ready cuts - vol 1

rico story (music and lyrics)



Senorita , hold me near
Whisper passion in my ear
All your lace and crimson flowers
That were lost but not forgotten

I still hear the courtyard bells
Laughing fountains , wishing wells
Spanish dreams forever romanced
And simply lost along The Way

He tried to earn a minstrel wage
Played his heart out on the stage
Singing songs about the spirit
And a place called Shinning Dome

It came to pass , she heard him play
Many lifetimes crossed their ways
Her love was sweetly glowing
Like the fire in his eyes

If you could have a moment
It would be when they first met
People swear they heard singing
But the singers all had left
If you could have a moment
Maybe hold it in your hand
You could make it last forever
Maybe finally understand

Gentle sweetness , smiling eyes
Muffled thunder , velvet skies
Quiet words are but a token
For That Storm on the horizon

She pleasure , strength and peace
All any man could ever need
But the passion flared , ‘till it consumed him
And he caught the wandering eye

He struggled with it night and day
All the goodness could not persuade
The passion flared , ‘till it had eaten
To the bottom of his soul

The goodness begged for him to stay
The passion blindly turned away
Her falling tears and gentle crying
Tore the heart out of his chest

If I could have a moment
‘Fore it ever got away
I would give my life to capture
The one that led me astray
If I could have a moment
That was pure and clean and true
I will never love another
The way that eye love U

Senorita , hear this song
Hold it to you when I’m gone
Know your love is not forgotten
Only lost along the way

Senorita , hear this song
Hold it to you when I’m gone
Know your dreams are not forgotten
Simply lost along The Way