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rico story (music and lyrics)

Live Duo, tracked with guitar in doubled-up, doubled-down mode.


Pennsylvania SpringtimeI guess eye promised U a pennsylvania springtimeIn the city of angles , ‘round the first of mayeI kept a’ calling you the best thing ever  ‘fore meWe turned over , and there it layI know eye promised U a sterling expectationBaking in the desert , drowning in the hazeWe kept a’ looking for that window in the momentI turned over , and there it layThere surely must have been some kind of hurricane a’ waitingShrouded all in sweetness , lurking on the strayIt kept a’ raining with the sun beams ever glowingYou turned over , and there it layNobody ever told me ‘bout the bobbing humpty dumptysThe moghoulith ghoul , and snippiting straysThey’re just devouring the starlight of the foolishThey turned over, and there it laySerendipity discovered all the fun that you were havingDreaming your tomorrows , from some sterling yesterdayWhen we overcome the needing us to give away our feelingsWe turned over , and there it layI’d really like to catch you in a pennsylvania springtimeMaye - be one in autumn , it’s really hard to sayWe’ll see the spirit dancing , and laugh at our creationsKnowing if we feed them , they’ll devour up our way So if you’re ever passing  ‘bye some hungry indecisionBetter notice your direction , and the time of dayThere’s way too much confusion from the endless glow of starlightFeeding all awareness , and there it layI’m making and alignment for a pennsylvania springtimeAlways luminescent , never fades awayThat might not be your intention taking care with all your feelingsMaking sure your starlight passes over where it layEye know i’ll always offer you that sterling expectationMade from purest sunshine , laughing in the haze Hang on every moment , every hope it ever dreamed ofLet’s rendezvous forever in a pennsylvania place