Button Down Town
rico story (music and lyrics)

Was that a Lonely Bugle sum ware far off playing ? ... What kynd of town is this any - ways ? Better button up for the chill - e breeze that’s moving thru - U , or may - be bee – cause it’s a buttoned down town , there isn’t any - way to stir things up an – e – wayz … Win – ter ‘round the bend of endless endlings , with destiny dusted off one last time come Taran or Caer Dalben , if you cair for any more book – kings three thymes o – ver , or middle – ang earth rings … U - rang ? Well must ‘ve rung off , whilst gotten rung up when rung aground A – gain … Rust – ee strings dust - ed , conga skins trusted , one – der full breeze gust - ed , bony – tones thrusted , and ‘sential grooves ever lusted , ever after happil – ee there ‘fore and then elven lore’ four score shore …
“ The first two tunes are pretty good , how about getting a little more variety so we can field different configs at the gigs , and have some room to maneuver and spice up the play time “ , suggested chesterfield . “ Yeah , that will be a nice way to be fluid with the material “ , agreed abell , “ how about getting leon for the congas , and we can try getting some cuts in the atrium “ . “ That sounds good , what do ya think about doing some basic tracks with you on bass , leon on congas , me on rhythm and vocs , and then we come back later and do your second guitar and horns in the right places , “ layered chesterfield . “ Good idea , “ measured abell , “ we’ll have three tracks for free not counting the virtual tracks , do ya think horn fills , horn solo , and second guitar would work ? “ Yeah , dropping the second guitar part to do lead will simulate the live feel , and i guess we can take poetic license with horn fills throughout , put in some solo horn even with the rhythm guitar , and still be able to approximate at gig time , “ added chesterfield .
That last lost week end with rain , checked it out and cashed it inn to shouldez … Bending the second derivative of time , when Terra and Taran gotta cotta landed A – gan … Clear daze and breath – thrilled knight of path un - walked whence meridian glens , with o – pen senze … “ Did i hear U mention something ? “ , perhaps knot wind eye shore – lee wood be glancing off - of banter from The Grid … Discovered hid , and rate pro squid … Ashton af – ter noon with winding trail of logic wound , and bye’ way bound thru heathered dell ‘twixt will yum tell … Cold crispy moments off – of for – ever , and then splintered sunshine from lyric finez , there – the cast time for those three threads that thrown thrice there then sign – or was it thine ? …
“ The basic tracks sound pretty good , “ marked chesterfield , we’ve got two solo spots , do you want to set the background mood or bat clean up ? “ “ Maybe set the mood , recorded abell , “ and what about a dialogue between guitar and bone for the last close out chorus ? . “ “ Nice thought “ , duoed chesterfield , “ and i’m leaning towards playing the solo horn part over the entire cut , just so that i can get some nice phrasing together for when the solo slot comes up as a keeper . “ “ Yeah that could work , ” modified abell , but you want to make your script compact in terms of the actual solo slot length , and in relation to what i’m laying down first . “ “ O. K . your right , “ contoured chesterfield , “ then maybe i should lay down a few different solo slots for that cut , and we could both do full length solos to gather ideas and also have tracks which could be used for alternative instrumental versions of the same song . “


Button Down Town

Did i hear you mention something , about Button Down Town ?
It must have gotten lost in the wind
Was that a Lonely Bugle somewhere far off playing ?
That fun – ee old song a – gain

Call it westwood junior , on a burning plain
Candy apple mustangs in a row
Immortal like delusions wasting non – returning nights
Mortgaging sum dream they’ll never own
Everybody seems so happy here , in Button Down Town
Nearly every day of the year
Still it makes some people nervous when the heat gets going
Violent freedom serenading endless fear

We took our weekend rain check out , and cashed it in for good
Bending time in terra cotta land
And then we heard that Lonely Bugle far off playing
Parting strains across the desert sands

It’s just like southwest stoneware , with a california glaze
When this entity comes dancing inside
Trading knowledge need and pleasure , for your tiny bitz of starlight
Moments shared as payment for the ride

It’s almost very quiet here , in Button Down Town
When the fire flies have buzzed themselves to bed
At that funn – ee time of night the other kind is taking over
And cackles ghoulish banter from The Grid

“ Hey , where’s my margarita , and that magic tile fountain ? “
Dancing bright and heavy under yellow sun
Not far a – way another scene is always in the making
Brought to you by poverty , hopelessness and guns

It’s so nice to pass the time away in Button Down Town
Mirage against that hungry waiting sky
And when you hear that Lonely Bugle far off playing
Could be your appointment with the Come Along ‘Bye