rico story


Questa Theme Song
If you for sake You’re Time
For an every day way
U Will never catch The feeling
It just slips away
A Mosaic Design
The Path’s already been laid
Now U own – lee have to walk it
‘Till future History fades
Then if U catch the light
Now Brilliant Shines the path
And it feels Just Like forever
When the moment can last
But if you darken your sight
And let You’re Energy crash
You Will feed The Timeless Demons
And They’ll devour Your Path
Jump off A Moment , Spark – El – Ang Light
Relive Tomorrow , on – two – go – sight
Hang on forever , Destiny’s Dream
Indigo ver - a – quill streams
Now take up Your Hand
See how The Cards Unfold
You may never no What’s Dealing
And Why The Store - Eeeze Tolled
Across The Parable Fan
It reveals Your Phace
Never mindz inside you’re pockets
Making blist – o – gram paced
If U Cast Down Your Hand
And let the cards Lie Free
U Will glow from you’re endeavors
And glimpse Eternity
A Vision Endless Band
Rapture Sterling Heart
Delusion colors come a’ streaming
Braiding up All Partz