rico story


A Remarkable Night On The Dam
I had a little problem when eye stayed up - on the dam
A dozen odd sen - air - eo’s came lurking after me
Eye can on - lee tell you , but it makes me crazy
When I think about them kind of things , thinking back about me
So give me a Tulip Hotel , besides that Bar - Ba - Zon Palace
A Jimi Hendrix Boulevard , Serendipity Arcade
I want a Silver Fire lighting up all my Tomorrows
And sum Re - Con - Sidered Embers of all my Yesterdays
Eye paddled up stream against the Sterling Trams
Put in at Hendrix Harbor , by the Jasmine Sea
I can still re - call it , but that comes in hazy
On a mission for Some Dragons , Flying Biscuits , and Sum Tea
Then On Looking for Sum Thing , a little turn - me - around
Floating the canals , when eye got Way Laid
Bye a Galumphing - See - U- Later, A Be’ Moaning Alibi
Some Ice Cold Comfort , don’t cost any more to fry
Well I felt a little dejected , Eye’m sure U understand
When a Dream Bandit sidled bye , and stole Up -Fore’ - Free
Hey , I got Sum Dragon’s Fire , and it will make you lay - zee
And dream your Every Tomorrow , Now Come – Along with me
So eye dreamed a Whole Tomorrow when I took that Dragon’s Breath
It was Over Suite and Wheeling every Sun Beam through my chest
The first dream it was Lucid , the second was Déjà - Vu
The third was a little obtrusive , and the forth was Nothing New