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October 8, 2010 rico story


                StoriesYou we’re wondering a’ bout mEEIf The Feel – Ang that U had was real – EE they’reNow your holding out -  on Sum ThingAnd itz hurting you Be – cause U CairHave you ever scene Ang – Angel ?Reigning Starlight Splen – Door down On High Inn that Ever Aft – Terr  GlowingSpy -  riel Shafts of Jade with Turquoise EyeStore – eeze of aire , feelings that careSlipping Past thoze reasons and the rhymes Myst in a swirl , Diamondz and PearlzSenorita , bring The Glasses pour The WineWe’re U  once  Up – On a Moment  One that lasts forever with – Out End ?‘Ore did you stumble on existenceToo worship empt – ee ego Karma TrendsIf you stop four Just An InstantThen examine the cree – ations that you mayde How Sum Rise Up in you’re absenceNow living wraithing shadows as They LayStore – eeze of fear , shadows So ClearBloating off your starlight left Be – HyndeMist in a cloud , Cowl and ShroudSenorita , bring The Candle light The ShrineYou were  ‘tending that U New mEELyke Sum One from a Fable or a PoemThen so why do you Dis – Place mEE ?Inn Never More and not in Shinning DomeHave you Ever Heard of Hea – Ven ?‘Vescent  Shimmer Hallz and Sterling Ground Quit from Lonely Bugle Playing And turn too Riel Gleaming Silver SoundStories of Song , Harmonic ThrongRinging from the Turret Minarets Myst in chorale , Blossom and BoughSenorita bring The Lute and Cast – A - Nets   We could make a run for GloryBut for now ii Guess Wheel cast it two The SydeY must you Go – On  Be – leavingInn hollow faith and for – tune that you hyde Even then there comes A MomentWhen demon , ghoul , and wraith All Falls A’ WayAnd Purest Love Standz out be – holdingThe Creator’s Endless Will , and Perfect DayeStories of Light  , Spark – El – Ang  BrightShowerz Down Cascading EvermoreMist Inn A Beem , Rapture and dreamSenorita , draw The Curtain , close The Door