October 8, 2010 rico story


Solomon ‘s Endless Psalm
Yea , though i walk thru the valley of the shadow of death
Eye Never Feel the fear
i’ve got The Spirit Of Love shinning o – ver mi
To keep mi safe and near
Yea , though i wade thru the water of A Turbulent Stream
I Never Get swept a’ way
Because the Current Of Lovez flowing All Around mi
And that’s write ware eye stay
And Wind Eye step to the Edge – Ment of a Precipice Point
Mye reason don’t teeter or fall
With the Logic Of Love , spun Cohesion Grace
Will Set perspective t – All
And when the dreams of the darkness come Unraveled and ‘Fraid
Vision Splendor trundles On
Fore’ the Fabric Of Love woh – ven Tapestry ‘Splayed
Concentric shuttle drawn
Shuttle drawn …
Discover bare thread – wayz
Lone – lee lost and lorn
Un – till Momentz Fine – Lee Endless Bends
Patterns drawn …
Like draughts ever Welling
‘Twain ship’s starboard portz
Then sail Be – yond the Crested Endz
So if U O – pen to – morrow , climb the Silver Stair
Two Windows present your view
One for The Order , the other Fore’ Faith
GOD’s Intention four all that’s True
Now take U ‘Round ‘bout The Topic
Of your ‘Tational Space
Straining from neuraling folds
Reflect on The Boundary , ‘lusion ‘tending You’re Place
Wonder ‘cealing Story Tol – ed
One time is Salvation , where know time can exist
Forever now Call – Ang U Home
If the wordz seize – less meaning ponderz padded remains
Lotus Blossom Encryptic Tome
Then look hears the answer flashing ‘Ore your i’s
Creational Trumpeting Swell
Hosann - A Hallelu - Jah , GOD’s Glory and Praise
Ever Peace E – Man – U – El
E – Man – U – El …
Glory to GOD
In The Highest Two All
Peace Forever from Heaven A’ Round
E – Man – U – El …
Most Shinning Wisdom
Of Beauty and Grace
Multitude Angelic Soundz