1. Ode to Jericho

October 8, 2010 rico story


Ode  To Jericho         Do you Ever Know , Or did U Ever WonderWhere that Moment GoesAnd when it Says Good Bye’ , yeah good byeAnd then it goes A’ rolling On Fore’ EverDid you think that it Might StayDream U One Last Dream todayMaybe one can Never TellAnd Never No about tomorrowAll you Ever Got todayIs those patterns As They Lie , how they lieAnd don’t you Ever StrayThrough the shadows of Your SorrowThey’ll devour up Your WayFilling up sum empt – e wraith Oh , Just Look what’s on your handU’ve bin carrying Four – EverBut you really can’t decideHow your Casting It a’ way , All AwayShow U Sum Thing you can’t hideAll those dreams that U’ve Bin MakingBet They come back ‘Round AgainTo re - create your wayAnd eye know that U’ll See ThenReigning Judgment Bye’ your shoulderTay – King up the silver threadFeel The End of Wanting To BeYou’ll see at That Momentz End You pay the price of Your CreationsAs their flashing fore’ Your I’sFrom Way Down Sumware deep InsideJust an ode to JerichoYou go falling on ForeverWe all sit within these wallsAnd They Come a’ Tumbling DownA little Owed too JerichoU keep Falling on ForeverWe all live within These WallsAnd they come a’ tumbling down