October 8, 2010
rico story (music), jaymes esby joyz (lyrics)


.................. - green glazed blue

we walked on fields of green glazed blue
the grass reflecting the sky for you
eternity above , below
a chance to learn , to leave , to know

protected by the deadly green
my comments bordering on the obscene
your eyes twinkling , with an elvish gleam
enwrapped by glorious sights unseen

a little love's like a little coke
you want more , but you're too broke
you get a bit , it's still unclear
you get alot , and you're really wierd

dew drops on the spider's web
and the smell of fresh baked bread
one more shot at making friends
is a dike against the end

dandy lion's my favorite flower
six am's my waking hour
people call my flowers weeds
but at six o'clock , they're all asleep

a long time waiting for her glance
a short time getting in her pants
a breath of air , the muffled sneeze
he said ' may i ' , she said ' please '