1. Close the Door

October 8, 2010
rico story (music), jaymes esby joyz (lyrics)


close the door

gavin dealt in rainbows , and i in paradox
we took that raft out in the lake
and didn't wet our socks
some kids bicycled around the edge
you can bet your bets we didn't hedge

the poets of the past rose up
and sang to us in tune
we counted turtles floating past
and they were coming soon
to free us up , and give us joy
never marry the girl , or scare the boy

anyone who says you need to be afraid
is lying to you son
anyone who wants to try and play the game
had better not be handling a gun
property is theft for sure
and when she's gone , just close the door

a place out of very real time
and huckleberry finn in rhyme
because we always walked the line
was left to us and non too kind
the demons , nurses , doctors , cops
who always tried , but never closed the shop

the shop of dreams , and stray desires
a may morning when death expired
because we always took that step
to keep the faith , and watch our breath
a moment of eternity , i be you , and you be me