October 8, 2010 rico story


Sum Category Grid
O - eye - ‘em just sittin’ inn
On a little moment
From the edge , of forever
Worn a fritt - el thin
Icing ‘fore the dough - ment
Taste - e ledge , ‘turn - el level
Caught a thump - dee wind
‘Scapin’ ‘round sum low - gent
Figured wedge , pending clever
Rhythm twist - ee spin
Winding way down glow spent
Lincoln dredge , gaining feather
And if you’re askin’ ‘fore mercy
Long sum kind and simple way
Please remember whose bin
Ta - kin up the floor
Never trust an e - motion
That’s gone handed out to wraiths
When U bye’ it back
Your payin’ scorchin’ score
There gazing yonder size
Scaling raster heights
To a grid , called creation
A category pie
‘Taining instance bright
Now’s a lid , covered ray - zen
Off then wander wise
Casting phonic bytes
Sealing bid , fascination
Collected grid - lee tries
Gather ‘spended lights
Never hid , showing way fin
‘Cause U - do - me – dis - service
When you darken down your street
Holding off / on end - less -
Needs that don’t exist
Then U - come final measure
Where U - woven soundz complete
Well paved living after
Mortgage dreaming list