November 1, 2010
rico story (music), jaymes esby joyz (lyrics)


Streets Of Amsterdam
Too sad to hold a candle
To the weeping streets of amsterdam
Given up lying about
Exactly who i am
The roll call of the wounded
And the tombstones of the brave
Point my brain like vectors
Towards the lonely and the crazed
Hash man and sex shop overtures
Reach out to blot out the night
Of medieval magic
And all that once was right
A morning like the morning
I smoked when i was young
But paradise has vanished
And the ancient voice is dumb
I ' ll blow the second chance
Which only comes in dreams
Like i blew the first one
When life itself was clean
And holding out for withered love
Remembering the stars
Is the only road that ' s left to me
And it won ' t take me far