1. Orangey Blues

November 1, 2010 rico story


Orangey Blues
Eye took a See Voyage to the Island of Sight
Bye’ the continent of i – me – me – mye’
I had a Tropical Bunny to go fore The Ride
And The Breezes of Everything Fine
Who spent the night in a Mushroom House
That played Along and Inn
T’was Verily Starlight with Grandenborg Joust
And red stripe grace in A’ Been
A Co - Lone - E – All Tuesday at Sum Or Set Place
Found a’ long The Way
Carrot De Light mixed with Passionless Grace
And some players of medium grade
There’s Know Colors and it makes very good
When Allies Stand Inn four a’ Spell
Calling energy down from The Starz
Turning Two Velvet , wondering Y
Creating Pellets , Firing Flies
Into the Moment Of Haste
Into the Shimmering Well
Of Glowing Wood , and Cake – ee Taste
U fed snappers in Jasmine See
That came along too play
And fed them Biscuits Of E -Turn – A – Tea
To come along they’re way
Wind eye get to customz
I’ll declare a’ bout
One hundred best wishes of Sayme
Or a fine havana with Sum Dragon Stout
And about A pound of Blue Mountain Rain
A – Co – Loan - Eel Thyme at Summer Said Playse
U always can never again
So Light Up The Ribbon , go jump off The Face
Catching Orangey Bluez in The Wind