November 1, 2010 rico story


Ode To Jericho Part Two
Over Neg – Ate - It on the Quarter Two Five
Lo – Co - Lution Linz until they bend
Bursting a’ sunder with the Gesturing Jive
Discontent from Regrettable Endz
Laid into the middle of a Mark - Able Stream
Shinning right over my head
Just a Spot Occurrence or Eye ever Did Seem
Miss - Con - Fusion sowing Blunders Instead
The Never Gargantuan lurking Bye’ and Bye’
Tinsel town wonders fore’ U
Creating Ransom build you down too size
Plastic Karma thru and through
Eye nearly lost That Trouble coming Bye’ and Bye’
Low cascading Blinding Diamonds of The Truth
Catch me in the I , another Sterling Moment
Commendation only if U can choose
O -Ver The Falls , and under my bed
Terr - El - Err -All footsteps coming true
Particular Motion with Disposable Dread
La – Ven - Dare and Piccadilly Blue
Chocolate Dreams from Wafer Starz
Delectable Countenance Crisps
Bloating The Crusher From Nephylum Jars
Genetically Bio - Jeered Twists
Cain’em and Able’em done it for Weeeeeeee
Run it left into the ground
Horoscope diction phonetically geeeeeeeee
Tetrahedron Hieroglyph Soundz
Took it Fore’ Ever to the Neverland Bank
Positing - ing Ever Agains
Creating interest with disposable swank
Curvature Fur bringing in whenz
I nearly lost that shuffle four the Gypsy Heel Falls
Low cascading Fragrant Rhythms over me
May Be down in The Shire , eye’ll be roaming know more
Lost forever in the Gossamer Leaves