1. Edge of TIme

Note: contains Spiritual Satire and Spiritual Irony.  Adult Themes - Parental Discretion Advised!

October 8, 2010
rico story (music), jaymes esby joyz (lyrics)


Edge Of Time
Heading for the edge of time
Just a moment to unwind
Get it up and on the run
Never simple games for fun
Heading for the edge of time
Hardly space to make the rhyme
I forgot you lost my ring
Or gave it to a new boyfriend
Or sold it to pay for lethal drugs
Or lent it to grace some graceless slug
Heading for the edge of time
Test the fates and taste the wine
Sail big boats to foreign climes
Count the invoices of the sublime
Wonder why they call it a crime
Pay the piper and the mime
Bring balm for the cracked brain
Give sanctuary to the insane
Be a harbor for the lame
render lions tame
Take me and call it fair
Let me spend one night beneath your stair
Let me lie to you about the snares
You know i don 't care
Heading for the edge of space
Only just now lost the race
Go to the hotel alone
Try to disconnect the phone
Heading for the edge of space
Hardly time to slip the trace
When i died you said ' good - bye '
How very very very kind
When i was just a shot away
You thought now ' what a shame '
Heading for the edge of space
Tap the spirit and all the waste
Love the moment keep the faith
Kill your darling lose no face
Turn your diamonds into paste
Finally get you off my case