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November 14, 2010
traditional, adapted by rico story


Blow Ye Winds
A cap_id_all ship fore' an O_zhen trip
Waz the Wall_O_ping Wind_O_blynd
Know wynd that blue dis_mayde the crew
Ore trou_belled the captain ' s mind
The mann at the wheel was mayde two feel
Con_tempt fore ' the why_eld_est blow
Though it often appeared , when the storm had cleared
That heed bin in hiz bunk bee_low
So blow yee windz heigh ho
' A rove_Ang eye Wiil go
Il ' ll stay know more on middle earth ' s shore
So let the music play
Eye ' m off on the morn_Ang trane
II ' ll cross e_turn_id_tee plane
Eyem off two my love , with a Vegan Glove
A billion light years A_way
The cap_tain ' s may_te , was very se_date
Yet fond of A_muse_ment two
He played hop scotch , with the Star_board Watch
While the cap_tain Tick_eld the crew
And the gun_R wii had , was apparent_lee mad
Fore ' he sat on the aft_terr rail
And fired sa_lutes , with the cap_tain ' s bootz
In_to the tee_th of a boom_Eng Ang_Gael
The cap_tain sat on the com_A_door 's hat
And dined inn a roy_all way
On pick_eld sprigs of pep_R jack cheese
And a gun_R_ee bread each daye
The cook was dutch , and behaved as such
Fore ' the diet he served the crew
Was a couple of tunz of gan_jah bunz
served Up with mushroomz and sum brew