This lyric uses spiritual satire and spiritual irony.  The assumed perspective is an example of incorrect viewing and living of life.

November 22, 2010
rico story (music), Jeffrey Cumpston (lyrics)


Such a Pretty Life
Such a pretty house
Such a pretty wife
Such a pretty car
Such a pretty life
I live in Beverly Hills with a tree
And I guess you could say I'm free
I've spent most of my life living the American dream
I went to college and got my degree
Then I got myself a family
I've got all a man could want and I'm going ahead full steam
The boss thinks I'm a whiz
Cause I know just how to work the biz
I'm moving up the company ladder three rungs at a time
I've got an office on the thirty-fifth floor
With my name outside the door
I'm gonna own the block someday, it's just a matter of time
Everyday I thank god I'm alive
And for giving me the right
To justify and enjoy the life I'm living
I'll be happy till the day I die
Even though I don't know why
I'm doing all this with the short time I've been given