1. Last Reprieve

December 6, 2010 rico story


Last Reprieve
Grey autumn winds
Blowing my cover again
All of summer was swept away
What feelings could remain
Fall on the rise
Looking for love in your eyes
My dreams were taken away
Like clouds so hard and grey
Icy wind you are so clear
cutting through all of my tears
Come and chill me to the bone
II could be warm and safe at home
Summer 's sun at last is gone
Rising mist on heaven ' s lawn
And still you kept the sacred trust
With me , OOO with me
Riding where the currents swell
Shape the time and test our wills
Sharing warmth in moments sweet
Beating back the last defeat
Riding on the final line
Changing all that wii define
So ii send my heart right through this song
To you , OOO to you
Here comes the final storm
Breaking through this winter ' s morn
Picking up the broken leaves
Covers up the fallen seed
Just remember what you found
Know it ' s lying all around
And ii give it all again
To you , OOO to you
Spring will come , everything under the sun
Sweet breeze , whispering over the trees
Silver spells , fortunes and wishing wells
See it through , ii 'm bringing it home to you