December 20, 2010 rico story


Haze Of Your Mind
Street light walker of the purple sun
Colors in a canopy
Can ' t be fighting if you want to run
What do you want to be
Light up vision in the shanty town
Covered in the cracked tarmac
No denying any what you found
Don ' t even have time to act
Fog in the city on an autumn night
Hanging in the heavy trees
Circles are burning orange webs of light
Bring the evening to its knees
Dawn is growing on silent walls
Mist flowing on the floor
Breaks and beckons to the closing fall
Morning is the open door
Slip on down , slide on down , one more time
Look around , it ' s around , on the line
And ii ' m fine , if it ' s left to see
And your fine , one thing that you ought to remember
Shine , become that totality
It ' s o . k . , find a way
It ' s in the haze of your mind
Rays in the sun , raising the wind
If ii could find a reason to come back here again
Take up the wheat , take up the sand
Takes everything you got to make a rock and roll band