December 6, 2010
rico story (music), Jeffrey Cumpston (lyrics)


Good Old Days Last Week
Friday night ii was a happy man
Laughing and dancing and holding your hand
Now ii ' m sitting here looking
At the hard side of monday morning
Wii held each other all night long
Believing in the words of our favorite song
Then ii woke up and you had left
Without any warning
All that ii can do
Is lie around and dream of you
Wishing that there was a way
To get back to
Back in those good old days last week
Wii were dancing cheek to cheek
Back in those good old days , those old fashioned ways
Back in those good old days last week
Every day was a saturday night
Happier than any man had the right
II was bound to wind up
Paying some kind of dues
But ii loved every minute
Of the time wii spent
II just wish ii knew where it all went
Now ii ain ' t got anything left to lose