1. Dance

December 6, 2010
rico story (music), Jeffrey Cumpston (lyrics)


She ' s really kind of pretty
But she likes to say ' no '
II think it ' s such a pity
'Cause ii think she ' d like to know
But dreaming isn ' t dancing
And dancing isn ' t love
You can elevate the feeling
It just needs a little shove
II can see across the dance floor
And she looks a little shy
She ' s trying to say something
By the way she winks her eye
But looking isn ' t seeing
And seeing isn ' t sight
You might wait forever
If you wait until it 's right
Dance , dance , dance
And let the music take control
Dance , dance , dance
Let it rock and let it roll
Dance , dance , dance
Let the rhythm free your soul
You really won ' t believe it
Just give and you ' ll receive it
just dance , before it gets too old
II had a little feeling
When ii was just a boy
It lifted mii off my feet
And made mii jump for joy
Then dreaming became dancing
And dancing became love
And love is silent music
from the voices up above
II can see across the dance floor
You look a little shy
II ' m trying to say something
Can ' t you see it in my eyes
So come a little closer
And overcome your fright
You can turn it on forever
if you can turn it on tonight