The word "gold" has been changed to "soul."  Obviously the concept of gold is incorrect, and bad.

November 22, 2010 rico story


Center of the Buzz
It really gets to me every time
When I roll down off the hill
I seem to pick up some of the shine
When I get to Hollywood, City of the Stars
The glitter scatters everywhere
Like the waves crashing on the sand
Everybody tries to grab for their share
Now that they're in Hollywood, City of the Stars
O - O - O
If I ever try movin' through baby somethin' grabs me
And pulls me to you
Oh Oh Holly don't never let me go
Don't ever want to be in another show
O - O - O
Then you're finally on the street
And you can see that it's paved with soul
Yes it pulses with a very special beat
Because it's Hollywood, Center of the Buzz
Anyone can catch the ride
Tickets go on sale before your eyes
When they pick me I'm really gonna fly
Taking off in Hollywood, Center of the Buzz