1. Bye The Water

December 6, 2010 rico story


Bye The Water
Standing in the doorway
Waiting to get in
Whispering the secret
Now where do ii begin
Bet you know the answer
To what you ' re doing here
See if you remember
Let me make it clear
Climb the final stairway
Cross that lonely hall
Reaching for the handle
Lean against the wall
There ' s the fluttering shadow
That spread throughout the land
Here ' s the final judgment
Brought on bye GOD ' s own hand
Down bye the water
That's where ALLAH calls you in
Down bye the water
And gathers up your whenz
When you think your feelings
That ' s when you finally know
When you become your feelings
That ' s when it ' s time to go
Filter through the border
Stand beyond the wall
Reading from the ledger
Revelation rapture call
Adding up your moments
measure out your whenz
Your decisions and your actions
your blessings and your sins
Pause before the mirror
The curtain and the door
Gaze upon the vision
Of your eternal score
Will you become an angel
Or a snarling , foaming wraith
A passage to salvation
Or endless burning fate