Complete with e-go interruption before the bridge by Eddie.

April 1, 2012


I Fell inn Love with A Geisha Girl
From down Kyoto Way
Just a little Ann – ti – mah – terr
Laysed with Strategy and Flat – terr
Lyke a Copper SenBon Moon and Bit – Terr Suite Tayst

Top – olde down off a Leatherine Crane
Inn Two the vall – ee of Low Bow Land
Then i couldn’t get my bear – rings
Inn – dye – wrecked Kimono Where – Angs
Tiger Judgments Par – mel – aid
Too a Kita Ku Phan

O – Ver – Come bye’ a lethal doze
Scent from hea – Ven’s Sweetest Nest
When it seamed I was in clow – ver
T’ were know time two think it over
Lost the E – Go Game and failed
All the Kuma – chan Tests

Eye’LL Alwayz Love the Geisha Girl
With her painted wanting face
Giving breath – less scars and Panda – san Curls
The Dis – Appearing with – Out a trace
In mye Dreams at Night she Comes Too Dance
Dressed Inn silken lotus Where
Then she steels my heart with Piercing Glace
Leaf – ing Whispers in the Aire

I’ll always thank the Sil – Ver won
Who keeps part with mii Now
Some Thymes I dream her re – turn Will Come
But The Visions Don’t Show how

A Porcelain City of Man – E – Cured Fame
Holdz irreplaceable dayze
Filled with Magic , Love , and Won – dare
And despite my karmic blunderz
The geisha girl wood all – ways re – main - ed Un – Phazed

Suited up in a uniform way
For a Samurai Educator Roll
But the shaper The Blade fore’ Tee – Ching
Cut mii down az I was Be – see – ching
Four a sliding Door chance too reach
A Window Latch goal

Eye’LL alwayz thank The Geisha Girl
For teaching Bam – Boo Art
Just be soft wind U R spoken
It’s Never Fixed when it’s bin bro – kin
A thousand blessings Up – On Her Soul
And Kabuki Part -- rico story